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Trinity Treehouse

Tracie and Jeff Howard are couples who own a Treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia. They’ve been receiving booking requests manually and via Airbnb but would love to control their bookings on a personal website while the booking system is still synchronised with other platforms.

Latest Work


David Adekanye is a writer that provides Premium Web3 Content That Wins Users. David can help attract streams of organic leads to your website, new signups (more adoption), and you become popular quicker.

Latest Work

David Fothergill

David Fothergill is a voice over artist driven by passion and sheer dedication to his craft. For him, voice over is not only confined to the skill of coming up with the finest voices to adapt to different sounds, it goes way beyond that. His voice has always been the center of attention even before stepping into the industry. His colleagues, students, and acquaintances have always commended his voice.

Latest Work

FirstIQ Technologies Ltd

FirstIQ is a company that helps build and deploy high-quality full-stack software solutions that are either standalone systems or integrate with our clients’ existing infrastructure.

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ScaleHut is a marketing agency that leverages advanced technology, data, and research to help Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and SaaS products/services to scale in emerging markets by building connections with the right consumers via the appropriate channels.

Latest Work

360 Business Coach

Rose Tilford is a 22 Years Successful CEO that has helped grow businesses across diverse industries. She has personally helped A-list Celebrities and Luxury Brand Owners. She is the C.E.O of 360BC which is a valuable resource for minority and women entrepreneurs.

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